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We accelerate the diagnostic process for adult patients with rare white matter disorders.


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The White Matter Rounds Network provides a platform for clinicians, researchers, and professionals in the neuroscience community to share knowledge, ideas, and research findings on rare and atypical white matter diseases. By joining the Network, you can participate in monthly discussions, take part in collaborative projects, and access resources that can expand your understanding of rare white matter diseases and their overlapping with more common myelin disorders.

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We partner with research institutions, hospitals, patients’ advocacy groups and companies committed to advancing the knowledge on white matter disorders. 



Beyond monthly case discussions, the WM Rounds Network designs and runs projects aimed at improving the data sharing on white matter disorders in a collaborative fashion committed to open science principles.   


Opportunities for collaborative research

Interested in working on research studies on rare white matter diseases? Our Network is committed to providing visibility of ongoing studies to increase collaboration between investigators. Below you can find ongoing studies directed by members of the WM Rounds Network.


Currently happening in the Network

5th TOSI Open Science in Action Symposium - November 30, 2023

September 19 2023

We will present "The White Matter Rounds Initiative" at the next 2023 TOSI Open Science in Action Symposium. 

No upcoming events